Jun, 2018

Glimpses of Expo Pack Mexico 2018

Alpha Plastomers was a proud participant at Expo Pack Mexico 2018 – A 4-day event being held in Santa Fe in Mexico City, Mexico from 5th to 8th June 2018. International exhibitors in the packaging industry were presenting the latest machinery, materials, components, containers, proven solutions for the processing, packaging, storage and distribution of products. Participating companies offer possibilities of new business opportunities, which was the main objective of the event. Alpha wishes to increase its presence globally and carve its name on the global map of the packaging industry. It was an ideal platform for Alpha to showcase its products and distinguish them from its competitors. Our main focus was to promote our exclusive POF & Mulch products, which received outstanding response from world-renowned players in the packaging industry.

Through the last 35 competitive years, Alpha Plastomers has consistently innovated in the plastics packaging sector. We became the first Indian company to offer flexible and rigid packaging solutions as we constantly evolved by replacing products and meeting the needs of time. Our clientele includes FMCG Companies, Electronics, Frozen Foods, Cosmetics and many more in domestic as well as international markets. In addition to manufacturing, the Alpha group offers in-house design and engineering services and possesses custom tooling capabilities. We have become one of India’s leading packaging solutions provider for the primary and secondary packaging industry.

Innovation and diversification does not stop at Alpha and in keeping with that tradition, Alpha introduced, for the very first time, a non-packaging product, Agricultural Mulch Film, which was one of the product which we promated at the Expo Pack along with POF products.

At Alpha, we are driven by our vision, set out over 35 years ago, by our founders to continually innovate and improve our products and services.

Here are some of the visuals of our participation at Expo Pack Mexico 2018.