Sep 2018
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Glimpses Of Agri-Asia Exhibitions 2018

3-Day agricultural event was organized at Mahatma Mandir, Gandhi-Nagar, Gujarat from 7th to 9th of September. Agents, distributors, farmers, bankers, students, Govt. authorities, consultants, Traders and entrepreneurs were present along with common public. Domestic as well as international companies were presenting their products, materials, machinery and latest products in this brilliant showcase event. Different agricultural companies arrived in the event to showcase their pre-harvest and post-harvest products.

Alpha Plastomers Limited firm was also one of the innovative participants of this Agri-Asia Event. In the event, Alpha presented itself as the leading Indian group with innovative agricultural technovations, which Alpha is committed to for last 35 years. Our clients range from domestic to international like frozen foods companies, cosmetic companies and electronic companies etc. Our first priority is to present and promote our Polyolifin (POF) & mulching products at international level. Alpha got successful in receiving an outstanding response from the world’s most renowned people in packaging field.

Agri-Asia Exhibition is a great event where you get to watch new technologies, products, materials, services as well as the involvement and contribution of new businesses in the agriculture field. Presence of Alpha Plastomers Limited in Agri-Asia Exhibition was the best opportunity to showcase Alpha’s international agricultural technologies, which help entrepreneurs and other persons related with agriculture to upgrade their agricultural technologies, techniques and products.

From last 35 years, a lot of variations and diversification came to our path but we never stopped, we presented a non packaging product for the first time; i.e. Agricultural mulch Film. We are very happy to become a part of AGRI-ASIA 2018 agricultural event and we learnt a lot from such innovative exhibition.

Here are few glimpses of Agri-Asia Exhibitions that you would love you have a look at:


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